Good Times. Right Now. Near You.

A little about me

I'm your companion when you're out and about. I'll help you find somewhere to eat, drink and have fun no matter where you are or what time it is. Happy Hours, Meal Deals, Quiz Nights, Late Nights - I have it all. No need to research or plan ahead anymore. I'll be there with you where ever you go.

I'm social and outgoing

Imagine a world where you instantly knew every happy hour, quiz night, meal deal and late night happening near you right now

Our Story

We love going out and no place offers more opportunity than London. It’s truly an amazing place to live. Theatre, sports, gigs, art, it has it all. But those aren't the things we're about.

It’s the dinner before hand. The drink afterwards. The casual mid week catch up with friends.

Imagine a world where you could find every happy hour, quiz night or dinner deal near you, right now.

That's where our heart and soul lies. It’s in the little place around the corner with the early bird lunch special. The bar that sells £3 beers all night on Monday. The big events are great, but it’s in these places where friends confide, relationships blossom and great stories happen.

Before we started Go Local, we thought we knew our local area well. We'd start with a happy hour, then on to a dinner deal and finish up at the place that was open till late. Sometimes really late. It was like clockwork. We'd share this with our friends and they'd share their tips with us.

We realised that this sort of thing was happening all over the city but unless you had good local knowledge there was no way of finding out. So we decided to build an app that gives you this knowledge no matter where you are - in real time.

You could say that we built the app for ourselves, and we don't deny that. But if you're like us and want more from the everyday stuff, then Go Local is also for you.

Good times. Right now. Near you.

Its all about good times with good friends

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